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Brands are the New Broadcasters

Brand videos are so 2018.  Fawkes Digital creates stand-out branded formats that engage, inspire, raise eyebrows and directly compete against the TV schedules.


What would Big Brother look like set in an IKEA store?  Deal or No Deal for Pampers?  Or DIY: SOS for eBay?  Having developed and produced some of the biggest shows on Netflix, BBC, ITV and Channel 4, we're experts at crafting formats that attract and retain audiences and have unrivalled relationships with the biggest name presenters, comedians and creators in the UK.

TV audiences are collapsing, so they're yours for the taking.  Let us take them with you.

We're plotters and schemers, collaborators and creators, we plan to blow up traditional ways of working and experiment at every turn.  We're spontaneous and creative, always looking to drive conversation and make loud bangs.  We're northern and we won't stop banging on about it.


Our Manifesto

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